Our Gallery

The Old School, by Mrs Cullen

Year Two treasure Hunt, by Mrs Lavin

Maths, by Mrs Thomas

Our First Art Lesson, by Mrs Cullen

Making homes for our pets, by Mrs Cullen

Design Technology, by Mrs Cullen

Our Maths Working Wall, by Mrs Cullen

Our English Working Wall, by Mrs Cullen

Going to the Arctic, by Mrs Cullen

Maths, by Mrs Thomas

Maths - Addition, by Mrs Thomas

Cave Painting, Stone Age style, by Miss Bovingdon

ephemeral art, by Mrs Bailey Sharam

Year 4 Trip, by Mrs Lavin

Year 4 Art Afternoon, by Mrs Lavin

The Royal Wedding, by Miss Deeney

Prayers for Manchester, by Miss Deeney

The chicks have arrived, by Mrs Thomas

Heaton Park, by Mrs Thomas

Our European Feast , by Miss Deeney

Gaelic Football , by Miss Deeney


St Paul's C.E. Primary School

Nevile Road, Salford, M7 3PT

Tel: 0161 792 9474

Executive Headteacher: Mrs J Tyers

Contact: Mrs T Kehoe or Mrs D Johnstone