Our Gallery

Anti-bullying rap, by Mr McGill

We are astronauts!, by Mrs Bailey Sharam

Papyrus pictures, by Mr McGill

Phases of the moon., by Mrs Bailey Sharam

Amazing research, by Mrs Bailey Sharam

Year 4 Roman Soldiers, by Mrs Lavin

My world, by Miss Abbot

That's Not My Bear, by Miss Bovingdon

Shapes, by Miss Abbot

Measuring using rulers, by Miss Abbot

The Great fire of London, by Miss Abbot

Patterns, by Miss Bovingdon

Friendships in year 2, by Miss Abbot

A fifth of Beethoven, by Mrs Bailey Sharam

Autumn Leaves, by Mrs Thomas

Watercolours, by Mrs Bailey Sharam


St Paul's C.E. Primary School

Nevile Road, Salford, M7 3PT

Tel: 0161 792 9474

Executive Headteacher: Mrs J Tyers

Contact: Mrs T Kehoe or Mrs D Johnstone