Nursery 2019 - 2020

Mr Joyce

Miss Ashurst

Miss Kehoe

Dear Parents / Guardians,

This half term we are going to be very busy in Nursery. We are going to put a lot of emphasis on literacy and fine motor control so our children are ready for the next step in their development. Our class provision will also change to reflect the children’s interest such as the role play area becoming a very busy supermarket! We have a lot of different focus stories to cover this term all with different morals and learning opportunities e.g. the boy who cried wolf tells us to always tell the truth.

the indoor and outdoor environment.  We follow the Early Years curriculum with its 7 areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Equal importance is given to both our indoor and outdoor learning.


The children will demonstrate their skills in using numbers in their play. They will learn to recite numbers within ten and learn to count different amounts within six and within ten. They will learn how to manipulate their fingers to match amounts. They will also learn about the shapes in their environment.


The children will be listening to many different stories and information texts. We will be sharing their favourite stories and encouraging them to retell what they have listened to. We will also teach book handling skills; in particular – knowing how to hold a book, the difference between words and pictures, and knowing that print carries meaning. In phonics we will be learning Nursery rhymes, alliteration, environmental, vocal and instrumental sounds and begin learning to hear and recognise phonic sounds.

Communication and Language

The children will learn about the different roles of the speaker and the listener. They will learn how to share talk with their friends and how to ask and answer questions.

Physical Development

Gross Motor: The children will learn how to access the outdoor environment, focussing on how to walk, run, jump, climb, roll, shuffle, turn and balance.  Similarly they will have the opportunity to develop these skills in a weekly PE session.

Fine Motor: The children will learn how to manipulate their fingers to use the play dough, paint, and other materials.  They will learn how to handle tools and how to hold a pencil and crayon effectively to mark make.

How can you help?

You could help your child by sharing books with them and asking them about their day. Encouraging them to be independent will also benefit your child, whether it is teaching them to feed and dress themselves and take care of their own toileting needs. You could also help by making sure your child has a spare set of clothes in school at all times and that all your children’s clothes are labelled.

Keeping in touch

To allow you to take a more active part in your child's education we now have a regular drop in session after school each Thursday. Come in and look at their Learning Journal and see their work displayed in the classroom.  We will also be hosting "Stay and Play" sessions where parents will be invited into class to watch how the children learn and play.

Thank you

Mr Joyce & Miss Ashurst














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