Year 6 2017 - 2018

Mr McGill

Miss Collins

We have been very busy in year 6.


One of our class targets in Maths to continue to improve our multiplication tables. We are growing in confidence and getting quicker at recalling tables but there is still plenty of room to improve. We have been looking at percentages and how to work them out. Maybe your children could work out 10% of your shopping bill?

We have covered a range of work on angles. We know that a right angle is 90˚, a straight line is 180˚ and the degrees around a point (or a circle) is 360˚. We also know that vertically opposite angles are the same.

Other areas we have covered are ratio, proportion and fractions.


In English we have been looking at a range of genres. We have written some very successful flashback stories based on the film UP. There were some very thoughtful memories in their writing. We have also created biographies about a friend in class. For our independent writing the class were able to write an interesting biography on the magician Dynamo. We are currently looking at the skills involved in writing a conversation. Maybe your child could record a conversation in their research logs? Could they record a conversation that Benjamin Franklin had when he was explaining his discovery of electricity?


Reading is vitally important in year 6 and we have a great attitude towards our reading. There are a range of names filling up our book bingo chart. This is something new to year 6. We have a big bingo chart outside our classroom that has a selection of books on each square. Once a child has read one of the books they put their name on that square. When they get a full line they get to choose a prize from the book bingo box. When they get a full house they can choose a bigger prize from the box.


In Science we are learning about light and electricity.


In PE we are learning the skills involved in hockey.

News from Mrs. Good...


Happy 2017! 

Year 6 have had a very hard-working couple of weeks, and have settled back into the routines of school with determination. 

We are learning all about being motivated and focussed in the lead up to our SATs, with a series of workshops called ‘Higher Futures 4 U’.  So far, the children have learned about multiple intelligences and have found out exactly what their strengths are.  It isn’t a question of being smart or not, it’s about ‘how’ you are smart.  We are all smart in a particular way; whether we are nature smart, body smart or number smart for instance. 

We have also learned that our brains are capable of anything we want them to be.  We have proved this by making a paperclip move just by the power of the mind! 

In Art, we are studying Claude Monet’s work and looking at the impressionist’s style.  We will be creating our own painting in his style to complement our Rivers topic.

Keep checking back for updates and photos.  


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