Year 4 2017 - 2018

Mrs Lavin

Mrs Bowker

Dear Parents / Guardians,


This half term we are going to be very busy in Year 4. We have now started our History topic: Ancient Rome and the children are really enjoying learning about the Roman invasion of Britain. They have been acting out the life of Boudicca and practising being Roman soldiers; using their shields for protection.


We have also been getting ready for Anti Bullying Week and we are looking forward to performing for the parents on Thursday 16th November at 3.00pm.


Homework will still be given out on a Monday every week and this includes Research and Maths homework. The homework needs to be completed and handed in by the Friday of that same week. It is important that the homework is completed to a high standard and your support in this will be very much appreciated. Children will have PE on a Thursday and Friday, so please ensure that their kit is in school every week, so as they can participate fully. They will also be going swimming on a Wednesday, so they will need their swimming kit every week.


Your child will also be expected to read every night at home and we will be having a competition in class to find the person who reads the most at home; by counting signatures in the children’s diary. There will be a prize for the person who wins this competition in school at the end of the year. The children will be changing their books twice a week in school, unless they are a daily reader. It would also be useful if you could help your child to tell the time and learn their times tables.


Please ensure that your child is on time for school. When children are late it can make it difficult for them to settle into their studies. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to talk to me at the end of the day. May I also take this opportunity to inform you of ‘Drop in Thursdays’. This is a chance for parents to come into class after school with their child, to have a look at their books and their classroom. This is not a parents’ evening, so it will not be a one-to-one meeting with the class teacher, but it is a chance for you to come in and see what happens in Year 4. I am greatly looking forward to welcoming you all to these sessions.


Kind regards,


Mrs K Lavin and Mrs J Bowker

Class Teacher Teaching Assistant


Animals Including Humans

The children have been learning about the digestive systems of different animals and categorising animals, such as fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.  They have also learnt about the teeth of animals and why they need specific teeth to match their diet.  They completed an investigation into tooth decay and which liquids decay teeth the quickest.  They placed mints into cups of apple juice, coke, water and milk and they timed how long it took for the mint to decay.  They discovered that coke made the mint decay the quickest because it contains the most sugar and that water made the mint decay the slowest, because it contained the least sugar.  The children had great fun carrying out this experiment and they made fantastic predictions using their scientific knowledge.











Things to Remember

  • P.E. kits – remember PE is every Thursday and Friday.  Please ensure all children have a full PE kit in school.
  • Children must have their reading book in school every day. We recommend that you listen to your child read on a daily basis; this can be recorded in their reading diary.
  • We also encourage children to read a variety of different texts and therefore it will benefit your child if they read story books of their own choice, non-fiction books, newspapers and magazines etc (these can also be logged in their homework diary if you wish). We aim for every child to read to an adult at least once a week at school and books will be changed once the children can confidently read their book and fully understand it.
  • READING COMPETITION – Don’t forget the more signatures in a reading diary means the more chance of winning the school reading competition.  The children can get a signature in their diary from an adult at home, when they have read ANY text.  Once they have 60 signatures their name goes into a pot and they can do this multiple times; ensuring they have more chance of winning.  Last year’s prize was a KINDLE!
  • Homework and research will be given out on a Monday.  Please return these on a Friday; to be marked over the weekend.



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