Surviving the Stone Age

Lesson: History

Class: Year 3 Year: 2020 - 2021

Surviving the Stone Age

In Year 3 we are studying life in the Stone Age.  We have investigated how people may have built shelters and the foods that they may have eaten.  

Stone Age shelters

During the Stone Age people would have used natural materials to build shelters.  Natural materials are those that we find outside. 

How many natural materials can you name?

We each decided where to build our shelter and which materials to use.


Stone Age food

Stone Age people were either hunters or gatherers.  Can you remember what type of food they each looked for?  

We are all gatherers so we went searching for food on the school field.  We found some nuts, berries and mushrooms but we didn't know which were safe to eat so we didn't use anything we found.  Miss Bovingdon brought in some blueberries, honey and seeds.  We used wood, stones and leaves to crush and mix the ingredients.  We didn't have a fire but in the Stone Age people would have made a fire to stew their fruit.

We thought that it looked and smelt tasty but we didn't like the idea of the sticks, stones and leaves in our food.


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