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Date: 9th Jan 2017 @ 3:49pm

22nd May 2018

I just wanted to say how immensely proud I was of Nursery today during the minute's silence.  Although they could not possibly comprehend the significance of the event, they understood that we were standing together to let other people know we are kind and that we care.  All our children our precious, they are a credit to you and stood respectfully whilst we remembered the 22 angels.  Thank you.


21st May 2018

Remember its our Stay and Play Session tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!


2nd May 2018


29th March 2018

The end of term is so exhausting!


28th March 2018

Are you wondering how to keep the children entertained over the Easter holidays? Use the link above to find many exciting things happening in Salford over the next couple of weeks. One of the planned events is shown below: 

Paddington 2 Screening at Pendleton Library

Paddington 2 Screening at Pendleton LibraryWhen something special to Paddington is stolen, the adventure-loving bear and the Brown family must solve a mystery and find the allusive thief. A fantastic film for all the family.

Brilliant box office hit at a fraction of cinema prices. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Date: Tuesday 10 April 2018

Time: 13:30

Price: £1 booking required


Pendleton Gateway, 1 Broadwalk, Pendleton, Salford M6 5FX

Phone number: 0161 909 6538


Hope this information is of some use and hoping you all have a lovely Easter.



27th March 2018

A big thank you to the parents who stayed for the Stay and Play session yesterday: Claire, Katarzyna and Ruth.  We hope you enjoyed the session and it was lovely to see you all joining in and supporting the children's learning.

P.S. Great building skills Ruth!

6th March 2018

Today we have had a visit from the road safety team who have teaching the children about the importance of always wearing a seatbelt correctly in the car.  We have had a lovely morning; listening to a story, collaging a teddy and then practising putting teddies in car seats with seatbelts.  Thank you so much to the parents who came and joined in.  We hope you enjoyed the session as much as the children did.  And a big thank you to the kitchen staff too, who provided dinner for everyone who came, to round off our morning.


16th February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.  Today Nursery attended the Research Prizes and Writers Assembly for their very first time.  A big congratulations to Oliveira who received a £5 book token for her hard work and enthusiasm for learning.  Our first Writers Award went to Julia who has made phenomenal progress with the pencil control this year and is now forming the letters in her name beautifully.  Well done to them both.  We have had a great day celebrating the new Year of the Dog.  We have made playdough chinese dragons, tried chinese mark making and eaten chinese food.  Please see our gallery for some fabulous videos of us doing chinese dancing too.


14th February 2018

Happy Valentines Day to everybody.  We found some  heart shaped  ice outside to help celebrate the day.  Look at what else we found in our gallery.


13th February 2018

Happy Pancake Day everyone! We have been celebrating in Nursery.


22nd January 2017

Today we have been using technology to record ourselves and also to programme with simple instructions.  We have recorded ourselves on voice pegs and taken "selfies" on the Ipad.  We have had lots of fun. We also made the Beebots move by programming them with simple instructions.  Look at some of the photos we took in our gallery.


10th January 2018

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a good break and a lovely Christmas too.  We are very excited for the new term which always seems to be the one where the children really seem to come into their own.  We have already started our phonics programme and introduced the children to the first sound "m".  They have all been practising writing it inside and outside and are enjoying discovering words that start with the "mmm" sound.  We are also delighted that we are going to be joining the rest of school for the weekly Friday Good News assembly.  Two children are chosen from each class, each week, to receive a certificate for their work and/ or effort in school.  Parents of the chosen children are notified and invited to attend this assembly and we look forward to seeing you all there over the rest of the school year.


1st December 2017

Today the children have been decorating the nursery for Christmas.  They made a wonderful job of the christmas tree and did it all by themselves with no help from the grown ups.  We are definitely the best decorated classroom in school.

29th November 2017

If anyone has any old pieces of ribbon and/ or old Christmas baubles they no long want please could you send them into Nursery for a weaving and decorating activity next week. Many thanks.


7th November 2017

A big thank you to Yvonne, Lauren, Claire, Sarah and Rose who all came to our very first Stay and Play session today.  I hope you all had as much fun as we did and that you found the experience useful.  I have uploaded the play dough recipe into Nursery Files as promised. 


3rd November 2017

We made our own sparklers and danced to a song called Firework.


2nd November 2017

Please go to the gallery to see a video of us singing around our very own bonfire today!


1st November 2017

Welome back after the half term holidays.  This week we have been thinking about Bonfire Night and looking at a non-fiction book called "Fire Fighters".  Look in the gallery at the many things we've been doing in class. 

Nursery staff were asked this morning about school photographs.  The photographer will be here next Wednesday 8th November.  Children with siblings in school will be photographed together.  If your child has a younger sibling who is not yet in school, and you would like a photograph of them together, parents are invited to the school hall at 8.30am.  If you have any more questions please ask a member of staff who will endeavour to help.

Also next week, on Tuesday 7th November,  we will be holding our first "Stay and Play" session which will allow you to spend a morning with us, seeing what your child gets up to in Nursery.  If possible please come along for this informal fun session.  If it proves popular we hope to run many more.


19th October 2017

Today Nursery discovered just why the Gingerbread Man was so scared of getting into the water.  We found out how a biscuit is hard and makes a sound when tapped on the table.  We then put half the biscuit into a bowl of water and left it until Milk Time.  When we came back and looked at the half biscuit in the water it had gone all soggy and when we picked it up it turned into mush.  Yuck!!

18th October 2017

This week we  have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man.  Today we have been decorating biscuits with his face.  Look at the pictures in our gallery.

11th October 2017

Look what we've made!  Go to the gallery to see photos of us making our bread.


10th October 2017

This week we are reading the story of "The Little Red Hen".  Look at the gallery pictures of us learning how to pick up "grains of wheat" using tweezers.  We have been acting out the story using masks and learning how important it is to help each and to work as a team.  Tomorrow we will be baking our very own bread, just like the hen did in the story.


4th October 2017

Look how nicely we can all sit on the bug rug! How grown up we look.

3rd October 2017

This week we have been finding out about all different sorts of animals and looking at the big book "I Love Animals" by Flora McDonnell.  Look at our display.


15th September 2017

We can't believe it's the end of our second week and from next Tuesday the children will be staying for full days.  Many of them will find these long days so expect some very tired little ones next week.  Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.


10th September 2017

As we have many parents new to school who may not know where to turn for advice regarding internet safety for their little ones, can I just introduce you to this site which has some excellent information for parents.

We also have a separate school page, dealing with internet safety, which can be reached by clicking the link at the top of the Nursery Class page. 

Hope everyone's having a great weekend and see you all on Monday.



9th September 2017

Its the end of the first week in Nursery and the children have all settled wonderfully.  They are a credit to their parents and are all happy, friendly, confident little people who have made us smile all week.  We have photographs around the classroom showing the children working in their new class but will not be able to post any photos on the web site until all consent forms are completed and returned.  Thanks for your support at this exciting time.


4th September 2017

Well the classroom is all ready.  All it needs now is children!  Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing you all on your very first day in Nursery at St Paul's CE Primary School. 


20th July 2017

The last day of the school year.  In our school prize giving the Nursery Achievement Award was presented to Leighton.  His hard work and enthusiasm for learning makes him a deserving recipient of this special award. The Nursery Progress Award went to Lewis.  He has become a real team player since joining St Paul's and shows genuine care and concern for all his class mates.  Well done to both boys.  We are very proud of you and indeed all the Nursery children who have been wonderful this year.  We wish you all the very best as you move into Reception and look forward to seeing you all bloom and flourish to your very best potential.  Have a lovely summer and keep safe and well.  We are going to miss you all very much!

17th July 2017

The last week of the school year is here and we started it in style with the Research and Writing Prizes Assembly.  A big well done to Yasha who received a £5.00 book token.  In Nursery we don't have research logs so Yasha's award was for the enthusiasm and effort he has put into his learning over the last half term.  Our Writers Prize went to Johanna who has developed her pencil control enormously and is now writing her name and other sounds beautifully with all letters correctly formed.  Well done both of you and have a super last week in our Nursery.


30th June 2017

This week the children have been looking at the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" by Tony Ross which is a retelling of Aesop's famous fable.  Today Ethan got a certificate for his own super comprehension of the story. He understands it teaches us not to tell lies and and how people who do aren't always believed even when they tell the truth.   Alia also received a certificate for her subtraction skills this week.  She has worked really hard and understands the difference between taking away and adding amounts together.  Well done guys!


23rd June 2017

Well done to Johanna and John for their certificates today.  Johanna has made wonderful progress with her phonic work this week and John has enjoyed his Reception transition visits enormously.  It was lovely to see them both looking so pleased in assembly and they both deserved the recognition for their hard work.  This week Nursery have been thinking of words that describe things that are great including  'wonderful', 'fabulous', 'brilliant' and 'fantastic'. All these words can certainly describe Johanna and John!


16th June 2017

Certficates to Amelia and Allen today.  Amelia has been learning one more and one less than numbers all the way up to 20 and her hard work deserves to be recognised.  Allen has been practising his writing skills this week and has made super progress with both his letter formation and his phonic skills, segmenting words to hear and write the sounds in them.  Well done to both of them. 

Today the whole school is celebrating Bee Day to raise money for the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.  A big thank you to all the parents and carers who have supported this fund raising day and if you would like to see some photographs please visit the Nursery Gallery.


9th June 2017

Welcome back at the end of the first week of the final half term.  This week the children have read  "What's the Time, Grandma Wolf?" by Ken Brown and we have been considering the many words used to describe the animals in the story.  We have learnt words such as "bold", "reckless", "shy" and "cheeky" and  discussed the characteristics of these adjectives.  The chiildren have all listened and recalled information leant this week and the certificates today were awarded to Lewis and Yasha for their listening skills.  Both boys have focussed really carefully over the week and have been able to apply the things they have learnt in their independent play.   All the children have been super and interested to listen and learn. See if your child can tell you what a bramble is now? (They may need a slight prompt that it was the filling in Little Red Riding Hood's pie!)                      

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you all next week.


26th May 2017

Maja is the proud recipient of the Summer 1 term Research Award.  We have been looking at plants and growing recently and Maja brought in some plants from a different country to share with the class.  As we considered the sea and sea animals, she also shared photographs of jellyfish and starfish she had seen on a recent family trip to the beach.  She also collected shells and crab claws to show her friends in class. Well done Maja.  It's lovely to see you making such strong links in your learning.

Esmee received the Summer 1 term Writers Award.  She is writing simple words independently now and forming her letters beautifully too.  Esmee always listens carefully and tries her very best and we are all enormously proud of her.

All the children have made superb progress over the past 6 weeks.  They are a credit to themselves and their families and all deserve a well earned break.  Have a lovely half term everyone and we look forward to seeing you all back, safe and rested, on June 5th. 


19th May 2017

Today was the turn of Simon and Luna to receive certificates to celebrate their successes. This week  we have been reading "The Fish Who Could Wish"  and finding out about all the things he wished for.  Luna painted a beautiful picture of a Furby after thinking about what she would wish for if she had a magic wish too. Simon has been trying hard to make sure he follows class rules and had his certificate for his super behaviour.  Well done to both of them.


12th May 2017

Congratulations to Esmee and Lochlan for their certificates in our Good News assembly this morning.  Esmee received hers for her wonderful picture of a beanstalk and Lochlan's was for his effort in learning to count backwards from 20 to 1.  Both of you deserved this special recognition for all your hard work.  Well done guys!


11th May 2017

We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk this week and thinking about what we would like to find if we climbed up a magic beanstalk.  Suggestions have been princesses, dinosaurs and gold! What would you like to find?



24th March 2017

After all the writing produced by the Superheroes and Princesses in Nursery this week, our Good News certificate was awarded to the whole of Nursery for their wonderful work.  Well done everybody and have a lovely weekend.


16th March 2017 week in Nursery, we will be celebrating our “Writing Week” and focussing strongly on continuing to develop the children’s early writing skills. To really inspire the children we are going to be thinking about Superheroes and princesses.

To start the week with a bang, the children are invited to wear fancy dress and come to school “in character” on Monday 20th March as a superhero or princess.

We’re looking forward to a busy, fun-filled week and seeing all your fabulous costumes.


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